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Design Review

Design reviews undertaken by third parties play an important role in Germany to guarantee the safety of building structures and safely prevent hazards.

gbc engineers serves as an independent engineering consultant who reviews structural design calculations, technical specification documents and construction drawings done by others. We further support our Clients with independent site supervision services to ensure the quality of construction on site.

Our services:

  • Review and assessment of structural calculations (RC structures, steel structures, timber structures for new and existing buildings)
  • Independent re-analysis of building structure considering linear and non-linear material and geometry behavior
  • Verification of structural design in accordance with Eurocode, British Standard, American Standard or Vietnamese Standard (TCVN)
  • Examination of long-term deflections of beams and slabs to prevent defects in the interior (tiles, partition walls, glass elements)
  • Assessment of concept designs and feasibility studies
  • Assessment of detailed design drawings and shop drawings for construction
  • Inspection and site supervision services in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Your benefit:

  • Detailed report on assessment indicating results of the review
  • Provision of defects and errors in the existing design (if any)
  • Provision of design improvements indicating alternative structural design options