Services Value Engineering Design

Value Engineering Design (VE-Design)

Value Engineering Design is a systematic methodology used to identify and eliminate unnecessary construction costs and reduce construction time, while maintaining or improving the function and quality of the building structure.

Our aim is to support Architects and Contractors in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Phnom Penh, Cambodia with our engineering expertise with praticular focus on:

  • Increasing the value of the project by reducing the construction costs or improving the quality of the structure
  • Reducing the quantities of materials by re-analysing the building structure
  • Developing and assessing alternative design solutions in order to select the most cost-efficient (optimal) design solution
  • Reducing the construction time by reducing the quantities of materials and increasing the simplicity of the structure
  • Providing engineering advice on use of new construction materials and advanced construction methods in order to reduce construction costs and time

Our approach:

  • Review and evaluation of the existing structural design
  • Re-analysis and optimazation of building sections and elements by use of German 2D and 3D FE-Software
  • Linear and non-linear material and geometrical analysis by use of German 2D and 3D FE-Software
  • Assessment of non-linear and long term material behaviour in order to limit the long-term deflections of i.e. beams and slabs in order to prevent defects and damage to the building interior
  • Determination of design improvements and feasible alterations, determination of the technical and economically optimal structural design solution
  • Implementation of design improvements in close liaison and coopoeration with the Architects and Contractors
  • Development of high quality and detailed shop drawings for formwork and reinforcement, structural steel and timber constructions

Your benefit:

  • Achievement of technical and economically optimal structural design solution
  • Use of higher quality of materials
  • Forecast/ determination of long-term structural behavoiour (estimated beam and slab deflection)
  • Improvement and acceleration of Contractor's work progress on site
  • Reduction of construction costs and construction time

We always enjoy exploring the limits of rational and economical feasibility. Our design engineers in Ho Chi Minh City and Phnom Penh can rely on our complex Germany computing software.