About Us


gbc engineers is an owner-operated, multi-disciplinary German engineering firm of consultants and advising engineers. We provide high quality engineering consultancy and design solutions as well as project and construction management services for projects worldwide. 

We always see possibilities and potential for providing better value to projects, both technically and economically.


Listening to customers’ needs is the starting point for every job we do. We attach great importance to understanding your line of business, your requirements as well as your wishes and ideas. Based on this principle, we can help you to identify professional engineering services needed to ensure the success of your project.

We focus on your goals

Based on the project, our experienced team of engineers uses the right tools for each engineering challenge always ensuring a high quality and an impressive value for money. In contrast to other engineering consultants we stay focussed on the client’s needs and goals. We leverage our engineering knowledge to provide value to the project at all stages from concept design throughout the final construction.