Services BIM 4D & BIM 5D Services

BIM 4D & BIM 5D Services

gbc engineers implements the BIM method in all projects. In this way, we ensure high-quality and efficient detection of very complex building structures in every construction phase.

BIM is the buzzword in construction design. Nowadays, numerous planners speak of 3-dimensional building models and mean BIM. However, BIM is much more than that.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a planning method in construction that includes the generation and management of digital virtual representations of the physical and functional properties of a building. The building models represent an information database about the building in order to offer a reliable source for decisions during the entire life cycle; from the first preliminary planning to dismantling.

In addition to the geometric data of the building, data on manufacturers, material properties, costs and deadlines can be managed in the BIM database (5D). When using BIM, it is essential that all planning parties already integrate their planning processes into the model.

gbc engineers implements all projects with the BIM design method. This ensures that all your project information is in one place providing:

  • Better collaboration and communication between all design parties
  • Enhanced cost estimation and cost control
  • Preconstruction project visualization
  • Improved coordination and clash detection e.g. between structure and MEP
  • Reduced cost and mitigation risk
  • Improved scheduling / sequencing

BIM adoption has been steadily growing around the world since the year 2000 and is being adopted as the new standard of design and construction by governments around the globe. gbc engineers support their clients in the adoption and setup of BIM for the project ensuring that all standards are met.

BIM 4D Services

As a leading structural engineering firm, we specialize in the provision of BIM (Building Information Modeling) 4D services. BIM 4D combines the intelligence of 3D modeling with an additional dimension - Time. It integrates detailed project timelines with the 3D model of the building to enable efficient planning and execution.

Our BIM 4D services will enhance your project's timeline management and facilitate efficient construction sequencing. We can help you visualize the entire project lifecycle and understand how the construction process unfolds over time. By simulating the construction process, we can detect potential schedule clashes and propose optimal construction sequences, significantly reducing project delays and cost overruns.

Utilizing our BIM 4D services means you get to leverage the power of cutting-edge technologies to improve decision making, streamline workflows, and enhance overall project delivery.

BIM 5D Services

Building upon our BIM 4D capabilities, we also offer BIM 5D services, which further add the dimension of cost to the mix. BIM 5D is a powerful tool for cost estimation and budget management throughout the construction project's lifecycle.

Our BIM 5D services integrate cost-related data with the 3D model and time schedule, giving you an accurate, real-time view of the project costs. By predicting the financial impact of design decisions and construction plans, we can assist in making proactive decisions that help control costs and maintain budget integrity.

Our skilled team of experts can provide automatic quantity takeoffs, cost-loaded schedules, and cash flow projections, keeping you updated with the real-time cost impact of design and schedule changes. This level of financial insight can significantly improve cost predictability, resource allocation, and financial planning, paving the way for successful project completion.

Through our BIM 4D and BIM 5D services, we aim to bring value to your construction projects by harnessing the power of digital information, facilitating effective communication, reducing uncertainties, and ensuring your project is delivered on time and within budget.