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Building Investigation and Assessment

Technical Due Diligence Services

In the complex world of construction projects, technical due diligence is essential for assessing risks and ensuring successful outcomes. We, as a top-tier structural engineering firm, offer comprehensive Technical Due Diligence services designed to evaluate and mitigate potential risks involved in your construction project.

Our team of experienced professionals undertakes a thorough examination of your project from every angle. This includes a detailed review of design documents, construction plans, contracts, compliance with building codes, environmental considerations, and more. We focus on identifying any potential technical, legal, and financial risks that may impact the project's success.

Our Technical Due Diligence services are a combination of meticulous analysis and practical recommendations. We not only pinpoint potential problem areas but also provide insightful solutions to mitigate these risks. Our aim is to ensure that you can proceed with your project confidently, armed with all necessary information for informed decision-making.

Whether it's an issue with the structural integrity of the building, non-compliance with local building codes, unforeseen environmental impacts, or financial inconsistencies, we'll deliver a complete report outlining our findings, and provide strategic guidance to overcome any potential challenges.

You own or operate a building which is experiencing failures that compromise the safety, the efficiency of use or the aesthetics:

  • Structural: cracks on the masonry or concrete elements, excessive deformation of certain parts of the structural system, foundations settlements, and other.
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing: underperforming HVAC, unresponsive Fire Protection System, overheating transformers or cabling, leaking pipes, insufficient water flow and several more.

You will be changing the use of your building (for example, converting it into a hotel, or adding solar panels on the roof) or expanding it (like an airport terminal increasing capacity)

  • Will the structural system stand the new loads?
  • Can you link the existing structure with that of the projected expanded area?
  • Do you have to change the main elements of your HVAC system to cater the new use or new dimensions?
  • Can you demonstrate to your Insurer that the final product will be safe?

You want to acquire or operate an existing building

  • Is it experiencing issues that you cannot detect?
  • Will it match the requirements of the new operation?
  • Will the bank ask you an independent assessment to grant you the funding?

You want to rehabilitate a historical building.

  • There are no design or construction records
  • Nothing ensures that the existing structure will stand the repairing works or the future operation

Wherever you identify yourself above, we will offer you a one-stop solution, investigating your building and your needs, reporting on it and, if some correcting measures are needed, carrying out the Design, Cost Estimation, Project Management and Supervision of the works.

Our structural engineering teams are trained and equipped with high-quality portable testing instrument for the non-destructive testing of steel, concrete, rock and composites.

We perform inspections and assessments of existing facilities with the target to:

  • Uncover defects and deficiencies of the building structure
  • Evaluate the bearing capacity of existing building structure
  • Identify the quality of concrete, masonry, wood and steel structure
  • Determine whether the structure is safe for the intended use or not
  • Determine the feasibility of alterations, modifications and additions to the structure

What we deliver:

  • Detailed description of the building condition, the structure and used materials
  • Detailed As-Built drawings of existing building
  • Detailed assessment report identifying and describing the problems, providing an overview about the load bearing capacity of the structure
  • Suggesting solutions and feasible strengthening measures to the structure
  • Cost estimation for strengthening options