Services Project Management and Construction Supervision

Project Management and Construction Supervision

gbc engineers provides professional project management services for construction projects in south-east Asia particularly in Cambodia and Vietnam.
We manage your project with strict adherence to time, cost and quality from the initial idea to the project completion.

The project management services will be implemented by an international and local expert team that will be assembled / assigned according to the project type, project scope and the detailed management tasks.

We are your partner in providing professional project management services.

Our services:

  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Design Management and Value Engineering Methodology
  • Liaison with Project Stakeholders as Client, Operators etc.
  • Cost Control & Budget Management
  • Procurement & Tender Management
  • Risk Identification and Management
  • Quality Control and Management
  • Construction Management & Site Supervision

Project Types:

  • New construction and existing buildings:
    • Industrial buildings
    • Commercial buildings
    • Residential buildings
    • Entertainment facilities
    • Hospitality (hotels)
    • Mixed-use developments
  • Infrastructure
    • Marine infrastructure as ports, marinas, land reclamation and dredging projects
    • Land & site development
    • Coast & shore protection
    • Beach nourishment

The Role of the Project Manager:

For each project a qualified project manager will be assigned to form the direct contact point for the customer.

Main tasks of the Project Manager are:

  • Planning and scheduling detailed project
  • Planning project management team organization and personnel 
  • Coordinating project management tasks with the project team
  • Liaising with the customer / customer’s representative
  • Setting up line of communication between the project parties 
  • Supervising and monitoring project implementation progress
  • Identifying and mitigating risks
  • Reporting to the customer / customer’s representative

Your benefits:

  • Effective project implementation and management procedures with highest attention to proper planning / scheduling, risk identification & mitigation, project tracking, cost control and quality assurance
  • Value engineering methodology to guarantee technical and economically optimal design solutions to allow improvement and acceleration of Contractor's work progress on site and reduction of construction costs and construction time
  • Delivery of project on-time, within the budget and in conformance with the required quality
  • Cost effective engineering service through smart and swift project scheduling